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My latest 5 Star review on Yelp!


My latest 5 Star review on Yelp!, Lisa Meyerson, L.Ac. in Evanston, IL

I was happy to treat this sweet patient once and receive this wonderful review later that night!  I love when acupuncture works that quickly.  She was here from out of town visiting family and friends.

"I am extremely pleased with the level of care I was provided by Lisa during my acupuncture session. Lisa exhibits clinical confidence, professionalism and expertise, and has a genuine interest in her clients well being.

"I really needed help when I went to Lisa with suprapatellar swelling and pain in my knee. I am a registered nurse that works 12 hour shifts on my feet in the hospital. I am versed in what criteria defines a good healthcare professional, and Lisa exceeds the standard. Lisa has an innate intuitiveness for zeroing in on the problem and facilitating the healing process. Not only have I experienced profound pain relief, but my range of motion has been significantly improved.

"Given my profession, I couldn't recommend anyone better to help with an adjunct therapy that will enable you address your healthcare concerns in a more holistic way."

Here is a link to my business Yelp page: https://www.yelp.com/biz/lisa-meyerson-lac-chicago

Winter, the Water Element and Fear

by Lisa Meyerson

Winter, the Water Element and Fear, Lisa Meyerson, L.Ac. in Evanston, IL

'In Winter, I plot and plan....'  Henry Rollins

Winter is dominated by the Water element and the emotion of Water is fear. Although fear isn’t something anyone wants to feel on a regular basis, it can be translated to vigilance and/or preparedness. Winter requires a lot of vigilance and preparedness. You want to know before a big snowstorm that you have a shovel, good snow boots, an ice scraper, etc. Dressing to go outside is akin to putting on a spacesuit. Yesterday I asked someone how wet it was outside so I would know if I should put on my waterproof boots or my Uggs (my Uggs would’ve been soaked). The last thing you want when the weather is 10 degrees outside is to go without your gloves or hat. You literally might freeze to death. On a snow day, you want to know you have food in the cupboard and that you paid the gas bill. You want a strong back so you can carry the salt. Vigilance and preparedness are a healthy form of fear. This fear will save your life.

Winter and preparedness can also translate to end of life issues. It’s an ideal time to contemplate issues of death and dying and preparation for retirement. This is the time of year to learn about sustainability and longevity in all things. Am I prepared for the Winter of my own life? Am I nurturing my long term relationships to last? What do I need to do to improve communication with my loved ones?  Am I living for today or is there a plan set in place to care for myself in the future? Is my diet and habits going to assist in keeping me alive and healthy, or are they a nail or two in the coffin?  This time of year ironically, despite it being the coldest, darkest time of year is about planning for longevity. The day to day investments in nurturing all aspects of our life (in our health, our loved ones, our community, our work) will pay off in the end.



Insurance News

by Lisa Meyerson

Since last year, I have been in network with United Healthcare, Cigna and Aetna and have been able to bill Blue Cross Blue Shield as well. I am currently in the process of getting credentialed to be in network with Blue Cross now, so stay tuned! If you have coverage by any of these companies, send me an email at lisameyersonlac@gmail.com to inquire. If you would like me to verify your insurance right away, please send me a copy of the front and back of your insurance card and your driver's license, and I can let you know within 24 hours (a little longer if over the weekend when insurance companies are closed).

My clinic in Evanston also accepts flex spending credit cards, and that is another great way to cover the cost of acupuncture treatment and herbs.

I look forward to talking with you soon! Here's to your health! <3 Lisa

Insurance News, Lisa Meyerson, L.Ac. in Evanston, IL

The Benefits of L-Arginine

The Benefits of L-Arginine, Lisa Meyerson, L.Ac. in Evanston, IL

Here is a great article from Pulling Down the Moon on the benefits of L-Arginine and how it can help with uterine lining thickness and increase sperm count. It's a fantastic supplement for fertility!



Rage, Rage Against the Awakening of the Light

Rage, Rage Against the Awakening of the Light, Lisa Meyerson, L.Ac. in Evanston, IL

This is has been an amazing and passionate season, an angry season full of conviction, the perfect time for contested primaries and the big bang of conception and birth. In Spring, according the Chinese medical theory, we enter into the season of Wood, the time of year when all life returns from dormancy. The rush of life can be intensely jarring after the contemplative Winter season of Water. The frozen ground thaws and the same energy that plants need to thrust themselves above the surface of the earth burst forth within us, too, but it is unsettling. We may complain of headaches, tendon/ligament pain (from underuse in Winter) or feel very irritable. We may find that we need to move or we feel restless. If we don't move, we feel stagnant. It's butterfly or bust; we want to break free of the cocoon we were fine with in the Winter. Springtime is also the transitional season where we move from the most Yin season (Winter, i.e. wettest and coldest time of year) to the most Yang (Summer, i.e. hottest time). At this point, we have been experiencing Wood season for awhile and in a week or two we will be in Summer, the season of Fire.

Some key points for Spring:

  1. The key meridian here is Liver. Liver focuses on 'freecoursing qi'. It regulates the menstrual cycle and elimination. It rules the sinews: the muscles, tendons and ligaments.
  2. The Liver meridian opens onto the eyes. Often when people have liver problems, you can see this from the color of the eyeballs. In jaundice, for example, the person's whites will be yellow.
  3. Headaches will occur more often at this time of year.
  4. Someone who is prone to irritablity and/or anger at this time, may find it more pronounced at this time of year and may be more keen to address the root cause of it.



Acupuncture Research Explained

Acupuncture Research Explained, Lisa Meyerson, L.Ac. in Evanston, IL

For anyone who is skeptical about and/or interested in if and how acupuncture works, this is a great video from colleague Mel Hopper Koppelman from the Acupuncture Now Foundation.  It's one of the best explanations that I've seen so far.


Lisa Meyerson offers Acupuncture, Dry Needling in Evanston, IL

Acupuncture Through Each Trimester of Pregnancy and Beyond

by Lisa Meyerson

As many of you know, I work at Pulling Down the Moon three days a week with patients who are undergoing fertility treatment and receiving acupuncture as an adjunct treatment. Typically, I work with them through the whole process up until their pregnancy. If I can, ideally I would work with them throughout their entire pregnancy, too. Often they are physically and financially exhausted from the whole medical process of IUI and/or IVF, and occasionally there is also a misunderstanding of how essential acupuncture can be through each trimester. One of my patients who continued on with acupuncture once she conceived had a labor that lasted 30 minutes! I can’t guarantee that this short labor would occur for everyone but it was very good news and a great vote of confidence for acupuncture treatments during pregnancy. Coming in for acupuncture treatment regularly through each stage of pregnancy can ease each stage of pregnancy and is gaining more support from the medical community as a recommended treatment.

Acupuncture Through Each Trimester of Pregnancy and Beyond, Lisa Meyerson, L.Ac. in Evanston, IL
Here is how acupuncture can help throughout each trimester:

First Trimester:

(Once a week treatment recommended)

Threatened miscarriage


Morning sickness

Nausea and Vomiting



Common cold and flu

Nasal congestion

Second Trimester:

(One a month treatment recommended)

Water retention




Leg cramps

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Pre-term labor

Night sweats

Third Trimester:

(Once a week treatment recommended)

Back pain


Labor preparation

High blood pressure


Water retention/edema


Night sweats

Post Partum

(Once a week treatment recommended):



Insufficent lactation



C-section surgery recovery

Night sweats

Aches and pains



Lisa Meyerson offers Acupuncture, Dry Needling in Evanston, IL